Client Testimonials


Don Cochrane, Chair Park West Fiber Optics Cooperative

 "EKB consulting was able to take an extremely complex build, and make it look simple. " 


Tom Mollard, Chief Administrative Officer, Hamiota Manitoba

 People are starting to realize the leap of faith the Hamiota Council took on this Fiber To The Home project and the benefits we will see because of it.  There was no risk, the way EKB Consulting presented the facts and laid out the plan was so easy and in Hamiota we had no doubt about what you said.  You deserve to take a lot of credit for this one Don.  As you have seen in your travels not many municipalities are prepared to take on this type of project but Hamiota has no regrets and very pleased to share our success with you.


Martin Ward, Director IT Providence University College


Don has been a pleasure to deal with. He has vast experience implementing solutions and the expertise and connections to get things done. More than that, I felt that he genuinely wanted to provide a solution for us that would see us succeed in our mission.

Martin Ward, Director of IT, Providence University College.


Krista Curry Superintendent/CEO Border Land School Division

“We engaged with EKB Consulting to audit our network and tech services and to work with us to have fibre optic installed in our school division.  Since working with them we have a sustainable network plan and our fibre projects are complete.  It was a partnership that was based on trust and open communication and that lead to positive outcomes.”  


Michael J. Canuel, CEO, LEARN and Chair Canadian e-Learning Network

"EKB’s depth of experience and professionalism contributed significantly to our organization’s IT department’s improved performance and productivity.  The report EKB generated was precise, clear, and linked closely to our strategic objectives. "


Debbie Eastcott, Councillor Yellowhead Rural Municipality

"EKB Consulting developed and offered options for our Broadband Service assisting in the decision of how to move forward"  


Grant Skinner, Founder & Chairman, Pro Ice Management Group

 EKB have been a such a key component  in fueling the growth of our company with their competent and timely support.  It is comforting to know that EKB have our back with respect to our technology needs!



Paul Cuthbert, Superintendent/CEO Evergreen School Division

"EKB Consulting worked with our school division staff closely in designing, acquiring and implementing our Fiber network and associated Enterprise network.  Without their expertise and guidance, we wouldn’t have been able to execute this project within the budget and the time frames we set out in our plan.  We deeply appreciated the support we received from EKB and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending their services to other organizations."


Stephen David, Superintendent and CEO, Park West School Division

"EKB Consulting coordinated a regional project which brought fibre optic connectivity to our communities and school division. This initiative will provide us with connectivity that far exceeds what we currently have for less cost than what we are now paying. EKB helped this project to be completed on time and on budget."


Richard Hutchings, CFO Priority Restoration Limited

 “EKB Consulting saved my small company over $40,000 per year in network maintenance fees  and over $30,000 in equipment upgrade costs by moving us to a cloud-based service provider.  Thanks EKB!”  


Richard Ingimundson, Director IT, Red River Valley School Division

"Navigating the landscape of consultation, design, and implementation of enterprise ICT can be as daunting as it is exciting. Don and his team have a keen sense of how to bridge these conversations and have engaged us through a significant process. A dialogue that is not only helping to drive our operational and technical practices, but more importantly, focus our strategic aims."  


Larry Oakden, Reeve Hamiota Municipality

EKB Consulting Incorporated are the experts in their field when you need clarification and a strong sense of direction as well as information that is both current and precise.  Without EKB we would still be fumbling in the dark and slower to make informed decisions.  


Bill Murdoch, IT Specialist for FNHSSM and MFNERC.

"As a Not-For-Profit First Nation organization, our project timeline was short to complete the work.  My only interaction with EKB is with Don Reece.  Mr. Reece is a wealth of knowledge, a pleasure to work with, and went above and beyond our expectations to complete the project on time and budget."