Park West Fiber Optics Cooperative

Park West Fiber Optics Cooperative

Thanks for showing interest in the Park West Fiber Optics Co-operative Municipal Fiber project.

This project is a ground breaking (pun intended), unique project sponsored by a Park West Fiber Optics Co-op, (PWFOC), which is made up of three municipalities, (Yellowhead, Hamiota, and Prairie View) plus the Park West School Division.  The goal of the Co-op is to bring fibre optics communication benefits to their communities and to connect all of the schools in the Park West School Division with a fibre optic backbone.  This partnership between the municipalities and the school division is unique, and is the first of its kind. Partnerships of this nature will allow rural communities to receive broadband that will equal and exceed that in the city, and be offered at a better price for municipalities.

The project will have Points of Presence in every school in the Park West School Division.  This means every town containing a Park West School Division school, and the areas around and between these towns will have the opportunity to connect to this very fast and very economical network.  The project is slated to be completed in June 2017.

Fibre offers virtually unlimited speed and capacity supporting connectivity for things like Internet browsing, email, file downloads, video streaming (like Netflix), data storage like Google drive, One Drive, Dropbox and almost any other online activity.

Fiber means your connection will be MUCH FASTER.  
Local ownership means it will be LESS EXPENSIVE.

Opportunities for Residents and Business
The Park West Fiber Optics Co-op is contacting Businesses and
Individual Homeowners to tell them more about the speed, cost and
the process to be able to use this community service for Internet.

This means you may have the opportunity to support your
municipality AND pay less for much faster Internet.

Opportunities are available for Residents and Businesses in Inglis, Russell, Binscarth and Rossburn.
(and the areas, towns, individual homes and farms between and around these towns.)
Residents of Yellowhead, Hamiota, and Prairie View Municipalities should contact their municipal office directly.

Please complete the form below and you will be contacted to receive more information
about the options, price and process to become a customer.  
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This is a service owned by municipalities and revenue generated goes to the municipalities. 

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